Today, your customers are more reliant than ever before on the Internet to inform and educate themselves about the products and services they want or need. It is imperative to have a well-developed and detailed Digital Marketing program to ensure your business is reaching and engaging with customers effectively and efficiently. Customers expect an engaging, easy-to-use digital experience with businesses they interact with, and having a digital marketing plan will increase your opportunities to engage further with your customers and add to the growth of your business.


We all rely on search engines to locate the information we want. And your customers are using Google, Bing, and other search engines constantly to find information about you, your product and services, get reviews and insights, and more. That makes it imperative that you have an ongoing SEO management effort that places your content as close to the first page in search results as possible. And that you manage what information about appears in search results, such as your phone number, your website address, and more. We know as much as 50% of all search results don’t produce a click—the user finds the information they want in the search result content. So, having an effective SEO program, and maintaining and managing that over time is crucial to your success.

The good news, there are plenty of methods for improving your SEO efforts, and lots of data to assist with that. From how on-page optimization techniques, to data on how individual pages on your website perform, to traffic sources and more, data will lead to an optimized SEO program.

Digital Advertising

Building an effective digital advertising program can directly increase both your new customer base and your customer retention efforts. Digital advertising that combines PPC, Social Media, SEM and other channels provides you a highly measurable and tightly manageable method to attract and drive new and existing customers to your website, to specific offerings or events or information, while keeping within a specific budget, timeline, region or customer audience. Compared to more traditional advertising methods, digital allows for a more measured and managed method for advertising delivery, while ensuring your information or content is performing effectively against previously established KPIs.

By combining several digital advertising channels, your programs and campaigns will reach both a broad audience and/or a narrow-targeted audience built around the strategy for those campaigns. And with digital advertising, data collection is real-time and detailed, allowing for quick adjustments and changes. This will ensure customers are engaging with information that is timely, and that you can keep your campaign fresh and relevant.

SEM and Paid Advertising

Search engine marketing builds on specific relevant keywords that your customers or prospects are using to find the content and information you have for them. Since the majority of customers use search to find information than any other method, having an effective SEM program for your business is imperative to growing your business. And since SEM is a pay-per-click model, your advertising budget is only affected when a customer clicks on your ad, indicating they are ‘in-market' and interested in what you have to offer.

Incorporation of SEM with PPC and Display advertising can have a compounding impact on your digital advertising campaigns. Like SEM, PPC and Display allows you to target your customers by locale, interest, time of day, and more to make for efficient and effective programs. Driving traffic to well-designed website landing page for these efforts ensure customers click to the content and information most relevant to them and drive higher performing campaigns. And by including display advertising networks, such as Google Display Network or Outbrain, you have access to a larger audience of potential new customers.

Email Marketing

Email remains a highly effective channel for building and maintaining an ongoing relationship with your customers, while offering a method to increase interest among new prospects. Regular communication of valuable information provides an expected service to your customers. And when designed with a personalized program, information and content can be personalized to meet the individual needs of customers, keeping them informed in real-time. And the data generated via email will provide key insights into what your customers really value in terms of information and content, and what messages you provide have the most impact.

Content Development

For any digital marketing effort to success, having compelling, relevant content that corresponds with your customers is critical. Content built on timely and relevant information is an asset to ensuring your marketing is successful. And building and having engaging content is no trivial effort: it requires insights into customer preference, emphasis on quality of execution that enriches your customer experience, and ongoing testing and tracking to ensure content supports your marketing goals and performs as designed. Creating effective digital content is the single greatest challenge digital marketers face and having an ongoing content development and management program is necessary to keeping content impactful and relevant.

Analytics and Data Management

Online marketing provides digital marketers with data often not available from more traditional advertising methods. This has made the role of data analysts and managers larger and more important as you build and launch your digital marketing campaigns. Understanding the metrics and trends derived from data provides insights into where to direct a campaign, how a budget item is performing against plan, what element within a campaign needs to be further optimized, what content is most valuable to which customer group, and more.

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