Cloud Computing: The Future of Software

The future belongs to the cloud: 80 percent of all enterprise workloads are expected to run in the cloud by 2025. Traditional software licenses have given way to subscription services attached to cloud-based platforms and applications. Cloud applications offer great savings from traditional hosting plans and can support a large number of users in business environments through auto-scaling technology. Furthermore, continual improvements in network connectivity and cloud security make such software platforms more viable than ever before.

Cloud-based software facilitates automated patch management, eliminates the need to continually maintain on-site servers and applications and can be automatically scaled up or down as needed to accommodate fluctuating loads and user demand.

Visus’ cloud app development services help businesses across a wide spectrum of industries create and launch innovative, scalable applications that are designed and customized to their individual needs and specifications. Whether the platform is a consumer-focused application, business-to-business platform or employee-facing software, our team of cloud app development experts can design and build the optimal solution.

Each Visus-created application is diligently crafted to integrate with other critical applications and systems so every stakeholder and user can readily access the software and incorporate data from other internal or third-party platforms.

Our software development philosophy revolves around the user, and our team of designer and developers always keep functionality, interface and UX top of mind from start to finish. This approach ensures that the finished product is greeted with open arms, enjoys high levels of user adoption and meets our customers’ expectations every single time.

Those same design principles carry over to Visus’ cloud app development services, helping our customers create the most effective and useful cloud platforms.

If your organization is ready to deploy a cloud application of your own or modernize a legacy app, Visus is here to help distill those ideas into a successful cloud solution for your organization using our deep expertise in Microsoft Azure.

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