Discovery Process At Visus LLC, we develop a custom technology solution for each client based on the unique requirements of their business. Our formula for success begins with the analysis of the application to be developed through a discovery process. This phase allows us to acquire a detailed understanding of the business, the industry it serves, and the business challenges that the technology solution will address.

During joint application design sessions all aspects of the solution and functionality are discussed and reviewed, including future needs. The analysis phase determines appropriate technologies, practices, methods, and approaches that will support the development of the solution. It provides critical insights into how best to approach the project's development. And it ensures that development processes support industry standard practices and that goals are achieved efficiently and effectively.

Doing the architecture and analysis work upfront truly pays off. It's what separates Visus from other providers.
– Tyler Duncan, CEO, Rusty's Pizza Parlor

A Foundation of Personal Relationships

We place a high value on communication. We invest our time in a series of in-person meetings with the client. We urge executives to invite personnel from every department of their company to participate in these joint application design sessions. This helps us understand the functional needs of everyday users as well as the objectives of company leaders.

These meetings yield answers to essential questions that help us fully understand the context of the application we will build. What business needs should the solution address for the client? What problems are we trying to solve? How will people use the application? The perspective we gather by discussing questions like these drives the definition for all aspects of the solution.

The Visus discovery process brought representatives from every department of our company to the table and gave them an equal voice. That helped us develop a more synergistic and all-encompassing vision.
– Bill Spicer, President,

Refining the Vision

Through the discovery meetings we outline the parameters of the project and define what the final delivered solution will be. We undertake a series of activities that yield the specifications document. (See Figure 1)

Discovery Process
Figure 1: Visus LLC Discovery Process and Methodology

Discovery Process
Figure 1: Visus LLC Discovery Process and Methodology

The discovery meetings are interactive, and everyone is given an equal voice to make proposals for the solution. In this way we acquire an understanding of the client's vision while helping them identify what is feasible within their budget.

Together we refine the vision leveraging the client's knowledge of company needs along with our expertise in using technology to solve problems. Then we translate that vision into clear specifications that development team members can easily follow.

During the course of the analysis phases, Visus learned our concept and then helped us evolve that concept into what we truly needed. The analysis process was critical to the success of the project.
– Doug Drury, Director of IT for Administrative Services, UCSB

Clarity in Communication

The first step in an effective technology engagement is to understand the client's challenges and needs. Prioritizing interpersonal communication we work with our clients to clearly define what we will develop. Often we can help them see possibilities for a business solution that can deliver more than they initially proposed.

Visus guided us through a strategic planning process that was crucial to the ultimate success of the project. Obtaining our detailed input enabled them to deliver a fully functional solution very quickly. Their systematic approach to project management was key to their ability to deliver on our vision.
– Charlie Pitman, Director of Marketing, Isolite Systems

Before development begins, everyone is in agreement about how the solution will work, what it will look like, the problems it will solve, and the processes it will improve. The discovery phase yields documents that serve as a reference point for development. Our track record of successful engagements confirms the value of our discovery process and the importance of analysis.

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