Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms in use today. The powerful Platform-as-a-Service solution offers fertile ground to build and host sophisticated and innovative software that delivers true business value.

With Azure PaaS, developers have all the resources needed to build, test, deploy and manage applications in a single, cloud-based environment. Businesses can keep their development costs down while accelerating time to market and improving every facet of the production cycle.

As a Microsoft Partner, Visus’ extensive experience working with Microsoft platforms - and Azure, in particular - make us the ideal partner for any organization looking to create Azure-supported software and leverage the Azure ecosystem of cloud products.

What are the benefits Azure development?

  • No server maintenance necessary: Developing and hosting applications in the cloud reduces the amount of time, money and manpower spent managing on-prem hardware.
  • Auto-scaling capabilities to keep up with user demand and traffic: PaaS solutions like Azure are incredibly elastic, able to scale resourcing up or down as needs dictate, giving you the most bang for your buck.
  • Continuous deployment with Git, Team Foundation Server, GitHub, and DevOps: Release error-free applications and software updates quicker than ever by following Agile principles and using automation tools.
  • Up to 66 percent lower cost than traditional hosting: With Azure PaaS, you don’t need to pay for the dedicated space required with traditional hosting because it uses virtualized space and load balancing to spread hosting duties across several servers. The result: Lower hosting prices.
  • Backups with restore points within 30 minutes in Azure SQL: Never worry about losing important data or application availability with Azure SQL’s extensive backup and restore capabilities.
  • File Storage: Azure File Storage provides an excellent option to store files, at a very low price, for applications that need to serve files to end-users. It uses Server Message Block (SMB), has low latency file shares and integration with Azure Active Directory when needed.

Visus is an accredited Microsoft Partner with decades of experience developing complex enterprise software solutions. No matter how large or difficult a project may seem, our team of expert software developers always rise to the occasion and deliver a winning product.

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