A Successful Digital Project Requires A Well-Defined Process
To ensure a successful digital strategy and project execution you need a well-defined process. Visus uses its own 4D Process to ensure all projects produce the desired results. Read more to learn how the 4D process works.
Oct 13, 2021

When it comes to digital strategy and execution, it is critical to choose a partner who is not only highly knowledgeable in the subject area but is also well-versed in project execution. Ideation and creativity may be exciting, but the value of a good digital project lies in the team's ability to deliver excellent quality from kick-off through launch, and to do that on time and on budget. Many companies, however, fail to follow a consistent process for project delivery, thereby resulting in a solution that is misaligned with the customer's vision. To make matters worse, this often leads to challenges with ongoing maintenance and enhancement efforts, lack of usability, and even surprise costs, unexpected delays, and missed deadlines. For business leaders, this should not be something that they need be concerned with when they commit to a development partner.

For successful project delivery, Visus LLC utilizes our four-stage 4D process that ensures an optimal solution aligned with the customer's vision and a great user experience. Based on the Software Development Life Cycle, the 4D process includes the steps of Define, Design, Development, and Deployment, all of which are held together by the principle of continuous communication. This methodology, as implemented by our experienced team of technical experts, has seen exceptional success over the years in meeting client needs in a timely and individualized manner. Furthermore, each step of the 4D process is built with the previous step in mind, ensuring that the overall project plan is delivered upon with consistency and clarity for both the project team and the client team. Let's take a closer look at the 4D process and how it applies to a project.

The 4D Process


This is the foundational phase of the entire process, and it sets the tone for the follow-on steps. During the Define phase, our team works diligently to understand the client's vision and pre-existing systems and architecture. While this is key to defining requirements, it also helps us to outline the sitemap or application map. Ultimately, this phase will feed into the Design phase by culminating in a high-level vision, an outline of functionality, and an analysis of what APIs and integrations will be utilized for the final solution.


This is the most important phase of project delivery for the Visus LLC team. We are focused on the delivery of high quality, robust, and elegant solutions, and a successful Design phase allows us to provide just that. The intended output consists of interactive wireframes coupled with clear specifications and design mockups that outline the necessary solution to the development team, with the intent that no stone is left unturned. Most importantly, we work to ensure that the development team will not have to make any assumptions regarding architecture, functionality, or otherwise. Clients can expect to receive a specifications document that defines all pages, forms, and functionality. The document should provide the following:

  • Interactive wireframe and wireframe screenshots for all pages
  • Clear specifications for the solution to be built (for client review)
  • Clear specifications for the development team to execute upon
  • Reference for software testers and client, relevant to both final testing and user acceptance
  • Overarching definition of project scope for easy reference and changes / additions with client approval (as necessary)

Successful execution of this phase is absolutely key to the ultimate success of the project. Intentional design work enables the developers to be able to do their job in a focused and unambiguous manner.


Once Design is complete, the team will be able to assess the LOE (level of effort) for development, and then determine the time and budget allocation to complete it. Once this has been clarified via SOW completion and approval, the development team will go to work. The Development phase will include all development, testing, and UAT (user acceptance testing), ensuring that clients get the opportunity to review the work and provide feedback prior to deployment. This is usually where the bulk of the project time and budget are required, and once completed, the product will be ready for deployment.


The final phase of the 4D process includes preparation of the production environment and deployment of the product to the production server. Historically, this will occur on a Monday or Tuesday; early week deployments allow for our support team to address any issues that we or the client find in a timely manner. This Go Live signals the completion of the primary project work, and the product will now transition into Support.

Post-Launch Support Mode

The Support mode focuses on enhancements (new features), necessary bug fixes, and improvements or changes to the existing product. While this phase tends to be an afterthought for many clients, it is a critical facet of ensuring that the product remains usable, compliant, and secure. Visus LLC provides two different options for Support mode in order to cater to the client's needs.

  • Option 1: Monthly Retainer, where hours are agreed upon and dedicated resources exist for addressing enhancements, new features, and bugs, by priority level
  • Option 2: Hourly On-Demand Model, where requests are received and addressed on an hourly basis by an available resource

The Benefits of the 4D Process

Now that you are familiar with the 4D Process, it's easy to see why it is so effective for reliable project delivery. The process is well-defined, easy to follow, and leaves no room for guesswork. Likewise, the heavy emphasis on in-depth investigation, meaningful requirements gathering, and functional analysis through our Define and Design phases are key. This is where many other companies come up short relative to project execution, and ultimately causing time, effort, and money. By putting your vision and needs first, Visus LLC consistently delivers an optimal solution that works for you and your business.

In addition to the clear reliability of our processes, Visus LLC is highly adept in a variety of different technical areas relative to product development. We are capable of working with both web and mobile-based solutions, integrations, and cloud solutions, just to name a few. As a Sitefinity Certified Partner and Sitefinity MVP, we offer exceptional service for one of the internet's leading content management systems. When it comes to offering excellent services on time and on budget, Visus LLC is definitively the right choice for your next digital project. Contact us now for more information on our services and capabilities, and to find out how we can make your next project a resounding success.

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