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Sitefinity is one of the leading Content Management Systems for companies looking for an easy to use yet flexible and power platform that can be extended to meet an organization's needs. Sitefinity provides built-in features and functionality and an elegant and intuitive user-friendly interface. The Sitefinity platform is ideal for customizing a web presence that scales with your business. Visus' knowledge of the Sitefinity Platform puts the power of scalable, enterprise web content management in your team's hands.
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Website Design and Development

With our expertise in Website Design and Development, Visus LLC delivers innovative and scalable solutions to a variety of industries. Clients rely on Visus’ experience and expertise for the development of robust web-based applications and content management systems that include a reliable and secure foundation and an intuitive interface that encourages easy end-user adoption.
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Mobile App Development

Mobile has taken over: By 2022, two-thirds or 5 billion of the world’s population will own a smartphone. In the United States alone, more than three-quarters or more than 242 million adults currently use smartphones and other mobile devices. The rise of mobile presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses in any industry to engage their target customer base, improve employee productivity and expand their presence into new channels.
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Cloud Development

The future belongs to the cloud: 80 percent of all enterprise workloads are expected to run in the cloud by 2025. Traditional software licenses have given way to subscription services attached to cloud-based platforms and applications. Cloud applications offer great savings from traditional hosting plans and can support a large number of users in business environments through auto-scaling technology. Furthermore, continual improvements in network connectivity and cloud security make such software platforms more viable than ever before.
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Visus LLC has been architecting and developing ecommerce systems for over two decades. Our experience started when there were no off-the-shelf ecommerce systems and solutions were custom built. During this stage we learned about what it takes to not only implement but develop and ecommerce system. That experience has since evolved into implementing B2B and B2C ecommerce systems for new clients including the use of off the shelf ecommerce systems.
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Digital transformation is the future of business. Soon enough, nearly every aspect of business operations will be digitized and driven by data, creating a holistic environment of seamlessly integrated components. However, turning digital transformation from an idea into reality requires a great deal of work on the back end, facilitating communication between different applications and systems. Having a strong application production interface is essential to ensure rapid and consistent data transfers between disparate sources. And with a stable and effective API, any delays or failures of users requests via mobile app, websites and online portals are eliminated.
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Digital Strategy

A clearly articulated digital strategy is the first step to building a comprehensive digital marketing effort. Your digital strategy will identify specifically the Why and Who your digital marketing campaigns will target. And detailed digital strategy KPIs, matched to your overall business goals, will ensure as campaigns proceed that you are meeting the objectives you need to grow your business.
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Digital Marketing

Today, your customers are more reliant than ever before on the Internet to inform and educate themselves about the products and services they want or need. It is imperative to have a well-developed and detailed Digital Marketing program to ensure your business is reaching and engaging with customers effectively and efficiently. Customers expect an engaging, easy-to-use digital experience with businesses they interact with, and having a digital marketing plan will increase your opportunities to engage further with your customers and add to the growth of your business.
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Agile Teams

Agile Teams provide a great way for a company or a startup to add expert resources to jump start or complete a product. Visus is often called on to provide an Agile Team to release an MVP to get to market fast. Agile Teams are typically made up of back-end developers, front-end developers, a technical lead and a UX/UI architect and designer. Agile Teams are flexible in how they can scale to fit a project, meaning they can be arranged with quarter, half or full resources. Typical engagements are for three to 6 months. Velocity of a product completion can be increased with more resources.
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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence solutions allow your business to make better decisions and operate more effectively. By analyzing and visualizing historical and current data, Business Intelligence (BI) helps you make strong business decisions that will ultimately help your business succeed. Business Intelligence technologies focus on reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, and displaying this data visually in ways that are easy to understand, explore and analyze.
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