Business Intelligence solutions allow your business to make better decisions and operate more effectively. By analyzing and visualizing historical and current data, Business Intelligence (BI) helps you make strong business decisions that will ultimately help your business succeed. Business Intelligence technologies focus on reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, and displaying this data visually in ways that are easy to understand, explore and analyze.

At Visus we understand that business intelligence is a vital part of a company’s strategic advantage and key to business growth. Visus can help you implement BI solutions in your organization.

Visus has developed several Business Intelligence solutions that have allowed companies and management to keep their finger on the pulse of the business, manage challenging areas of business, grow, and improve overall business decision making.

Data Warehouse

Does your organization have data stored in disparate systems? Is your team downloading data from each system into Excel and then manipulating the data to create more reporting Excel sheets? If you answered yes to either question or do not currently have a Data Warehouse, then it’s probably time to consider one. A data warehouse is a powerful and can be transformational to an organization. A data warehouse collects data from different systems and processes the data to make reporting easy and fast. Visus has designed and implemented data warehouses for c many different industries. We take to the time understand your goals and work back from those goals to create the right data warehouse that will provide you with the data that you need at your fingertips to gain insight into the health of your business.

Extract Transform Load

Extract Transform Load (ETL) is the first action taken to a data warehouse. Each data source must be analyzed and mapped to identify the right data elements to extract. Once the extraction is identified, the data is then transformed and loaded. ETL is a critical step of any business intelligence solution and is the foundation to collecting the right data to provide insights into the health of the business.

Data Cleansing and Verification

User adoption can be a big challenge in building business intelligence solutions. Sometimes end users don’t trust the data coming from a new BI solution because data doesn’t seem match their previous reports. One problem with legacy systems that provide reports is the data they are reporting is not clean. Data cleansing and verification is an important step in the process to not only validate that the data is correct but to also increase adoption and trust among end users. Visus takes great care making sure the data we are receiving is clean while verifying that it ties out properly against the raw data from the source so that it is trustworthy for the business to use for making critical business decisions.


We have been developing reports for many years. Reports are essential tools that management and users rely on to gain insights and make decisions. Reports bring data to the surface to be easily review and analyzed. Visus has created simple and complex reports depending on each client’s needs. We have used tools like SSRS, Telerik Reports, Crystal Reports and ActiveReports, Oracle Discoverer Reports and customer web reports. Whatever reporting needs you have, Visus can help you implement them as well as helping you make sure the data sources are clean.


While analytics is sometimes mixed with reporting, analytics provide a different way to look at data and to interact with it. Analytics provide more ways to slice and dice data than traditional reports. As a Microsoft Partner, Visus has leveraged PowerBI to help you use analytics and built-in auto filtering. PowerBI is a powerful platform offering data views for both desktop and mobile. If you are looking for an analytics solution, please call us today to learn more about how we can help you implement a solution.

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