The future belongs to the cloud: 80 percent of all enterprise workloads are expected to run in the cloud by 2025. Traditional software licenses have given way to subscription services attached to cloud-based platforms and applications. Cloud applications offer great savings from traditional hosting plans and can support a large number of users in business environments through auto-scaling technology. Furthermore, continual improvements in network connectivity and cloud security make such software platforms more viable than ever before.

Visus’ cloud development services help businesses across a wide spectrum of industries create and launch innovative, scalable applications that are designed and customized to their individual needs and specifications. Whether the platform is a consumer-focused application, business-to-business platform or employee-facing applications, our team of cloud app development experts can design and build the optimal solution.

If your organization is ready to deploy a cloud application of your own or modernize a legacy app, Visus is here to help distill those ideas into a successful cloud solution for your organization using our deep expertise in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms in use today. The powerful Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution offers fertile ground to build and host sophisticated and innovative software that delivers true business value.

With Azure PaaS, developers have all the resources needed to build, test, deploy and manage applications in a single, cloud-based environment. Businesses can keep their development costs down while accelerating time to market and improving every facet of the production cycle.

As a Microsoft Partner, Visus’ extensive experience working with Microsoft platforms - and Azure, in particular - make us the ideal partner for any organization looking to create Azure-supported software and leverage the Azure ecosystem of cloud products.


AWS also offers a cloud and serverless platform. Visus has developed applications using a variety of AWS services including DynamoDB, Lambda functions and Cognito for authentication services.

What are the benefits of cloud development?

Cloud-based software facilitates automated patch management, eliminates the need to continually maintain on-site servers and applications and can be automatically scaled up or down as needed to accommodate fluctuating loads and user demand.

  • No server maintenance necessary: Developing and hosting applications in the cloud reduces the amount of time, money and manpower spent managing on-prem hardware.
  • Auto-scaling to keep up with user demand and traffic: PaaS solutions like Azure are incredibly elastic, able to scale resourcing up or down as needs dictate, giving you the most bang for your buck.
  • Continuous deployment with Git, Team Foundation Server, GitHub, and DevOps: Release updates quicker than ever by using automation tools.
  • Lower Cost: Visus clients have experienced up to 66 percent lower cost than traditional hosting. With Azure PaaS, you don’t pay for a dedicated server that is configured to be large enough to handle high traffic that happens seldomly. With PaaS you select a cloud computing plan that supports your normal traffic and only pay for additional premium computing resources when your traffic spikes. You only pay for the computing resources you truly need when you need them.
  • Backups with restore points within 30 minutes in Azure SQL: Never worry about losing important data or application availability with Azure SQL’s extensive backup and restore capabilities.
  • Geo- redundancy: Using Azure Traffic Manager, companies’ applications are available from different regions. With Azure Traffic Manager, traffic can be routed to the closest region based on a user’s location. For instance, you can have your website or web application hosted in the U.S. and in Europe. Azure Traffic Manager can then automatically direct a user to the closest region. Azure Traffic Manager can also monitor the health of instances. Traffic can then be redirected to healthy instances when some instances encounter issues or are not reachable.
  • File Storage: Azure File Storage provides an excellent option to store files, at a very low price, for applications that need to serve files to end-users. It uses Server Message Block (SMB), has low latency file shares and integration with Azure Active Directory when needed.

Visus is an accredited Microsoft Partner with decades of experience developing complex enterprise software solutions. No matter how large or difficult a project may seem, our team of expert software developers always rise to the occasion and deliver a winning product. Call us today to learn how we can leverage the cloud for your organization.

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