With our expertise in Website Design and Development, Visus LLC delivers innovative and scalable solutions to a variety of industries. Clients rely on Visus’ experience and expertise for the development of robust web-based applications and content management systems that include a reliable and secure foundation and an intuitive interface that encourages easy end-user adoption.

Our development skills are also recognized by Microsoft as a Silver Partner and Cloud Solution Provider for Azure and in the testimony of clients for whom we have implemented successful solutions.

Visus LLC has been architecting and developing ecommerce systems for over two decades. Our experience started when there were no off-the-shelf ecommerce systems and solutions were custom built. During this stage we learned about what it takes to not only implement but develop and ecommerce system. That experience has since evolved into implementing B2B and B2C ecommerce systems for new clients including the use of off the shelf ecommerce systems.


Visus’ first foray into ecommerce systems was revamping and rebuilding a national footwear retailer’s ecommerce site, The Walking Company. The retailer’s site was basic and lacked advanced features such as multiple addresses per account, promotional item logic based on purchase amount, powerful search and easy navigation and interface to help with a better user experience that converts into sales. The ecommerce system was also built to fully integrate with an ERP backend for real-time stock quantities to inform customers of product availability. Within six months of launch the website sales went up 1000% from the previous solution the customer had. Please click here to read The Walking Company success story.


Visus has also architected and developed an ecommerce system for selling tickets to shows for the Chumash Casino. The Casino had a solution hosted by a third party which took customers from the Casino’s website to the third party when they wanted to purchase tickets. The user experience was disjointed because it was not possible to brand the third party website with the Casino’s brand colors and logo and even if that was possible, the experience would still not be a seamless one because the URL to purchase the tickets was completely different. By working closely with the Chumash Casino’s Marketing and IT teams, Visus architected an elegant solution that brought full control of managing and selling tickets to the Casino’s marketing team. The solution was also expanded to allow the marketing team to create different seating configurations for shows that not only include concerts, but seating configurations for bingo, poker, fashion shows and boxing matches. With this flexibility the casino can support many different types of entertainment, sell tickets online and save on large processing fees charged by third party ticketing services. Please click here to read the Chumash Casino’s Ticketing Application Success Story.


Visus has experience in restaurant online ordering systems. We had the opportunity to architect and build an online ordering system for the Rusty’s Pizza restaurant chain in California. Rusty’s is very successful in the region that it serves but aside from a website and a world-class call center system it did not have a platform presence for online ordering. Pizza ordering is a custom order process. Customers want to choose what they want on their pizza, how much, and sometimes even split toppings on different halves of the pizza. Visus researched and analyzed the best way to not only manage a menu from the backend but the best way to present options to users to select their toppings for their pizza. Expected features such as favorites and part orders were part of the solution along with a full integration with the call center system which passed orders to the stores to make the pizzas and deliver them. To read the Rusty’s Pizza success story, please click here.


Visus was approached by a national distributor of cell phone accessories to revamp their online B2B ecommerce website. The old website was rarely used by customer due to several features that were lacking, and customers expected to have. Stock quantities were not available, credit card pre-authorization for charges and other basic processes that would provide a much better user experience. Visus worked closely with the sales team, accounting team, and warehousing team to architect a solution that would improve their internal processes and allow sales people to go after new accounts rather than just taking orders over the phone because customers didn’t like using their website. Part of the research and analysis that Visus did was to speak with customers and learn about what they believed would make them buy more from the distributor. From this research a customer shared that he managed 50 different stores. When he needed to place orders for his store, he had to place a separate order for each store which made his job very difficult. Some competitors offered ‘worksheets’ to ease the pain of placing orders but the worksheets could not handle multiple store orders at once. Visus designed an algorithm that would take an output from the customer’s POS system that included store numbers, product numbers and quantities required by store, import it, process it and then parse it into different orders and send the parsed orders via an API to the distributor’s SAGE accounting system. The POS file could have 500 lines of products for 50 stores with each product separated by store. The algorithm would also check for part numbers that the distributor did not carry or for part numbers that were out of stock and inform the customer of the items that could not be processed. In two clicks a customer could place an order for all 50 stores. The first click is used to import the file and the second click is used to submit the order. The customer was very happy, and this solution made the distributor stand above all the competition while the sales team could focus on adding new accounts.

Payment Processing and PCI Compliance

Visus has extensive experience integrating with different payment processors. As part of this integration, Visus takes great care in leveraging the payment processor’s technology to implement PCI compliant solutions. We leverage payment processor provided tokens and make sure credit card numbers never touch the online ordering system. This provides our customers with the peace of mind they are looking for while keeping their customers’ credit card information protected.


Znode is a headless B2B ecommerce platform that offers a robust all-in-one set of features to manage content, site search product information, with multi-store capabilities. With Visus and Znode, you have full control for agile development, and your storefront is customizable, and PCI compliant.


UCommerce is a .NET ecommerce platform that is fully integrated with Sitefinity CMS. Built for easy management of your digital stores, catalogs, products and content on a single platform, UCommerce is customizable however you want using its open and extensible API. Visus’ expertise with UCommerce ensures your online sales and service will meet your customer's expectations.

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