Introduction to Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse
This video will start a series of videos on the Microsoft Fabric product that was released into public preview on May 23rd 2023. This specific video is about OneLake and the Lakehouse fundamentals in Microsoft Fabric.
May 27, 2023

This first video demonstrates the ability to use the Lakehouse (preview) in Microsoft Fabric (preview) to load data from files and then to tables in Parquet format to build Delta tables for querying.  The video also demonstrates the choices of using SQL or Power Query to query and transform data in tables.  Finally, you will be able to see how to create a Power BI report and save it in the same workspace with all the other artifacts in your Fabric Workspace.

To follow along, please head to and start a 60 day trial for the Fabric Capacity to check out the preview.  Have fun!

Reach out to me if you would like to discuss the possibilities of Microsoft Fabric in your organization as your Data Analytics choice and what Visus can do for you from Architecture to Design to implementation.



About the Author

Lino Tadros, CTO, Visus LLCLino is the CTO at Visus LLC and a distinguished executive leader and renowned technical expert in AI, Machine Learning, and IoT. Leads cross-functional architectural teams to award-winning performance by developing strategic roadmaps and powering enterprise-wide projects. Serves as board member and advisor for multiple corporations delivering strategic guidance on product line developments and business solutions. Industry influencer and mastermind of strategic programs and innovations leading modernization efforts to alter the global IT landscape as a Microsoft Regional Director.
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