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Medical device manufacturer Isolite® Systems is capturing the attention of its industry by making dentistry easier and safer. Its innovative isolation mouthpiece and ingenious use of illumination technology that provides lighting from inside the patient's mouth have fostered its reputation as a "company to watch." Until recently, however, Isolite Systems' website didn't support this visionary image. Built on antiquated technology that made it difficult to update, some users perceived the site as stale, outdated, and hard to navigate.

With the dental industry's largest annual tradeshow imminent, Isolite Systems needed a technology provider that could quickly deliver a modern and compelling website. Company leaders sought a solution that would support creative marketing and sales efforts and would be easy for non-technical users to update and expand.

To meet these objectives, Isolite Systems engaged Visus LLC to create a new website and content management system (CMS) that has transformed the way the company interacts with its customers. The new web presence empowers Isolite Systems to build awareness about its products, helps the sales team actively move customers to purchasing decisions, reduces costs, and supports future growth. Perhaps best of all, the content management system enables authorized marketing team members to update the website without technical assistance. For Charlie Pitman, director of marketing at Isolite Systems, that's a game changer.

"I'm not a programmer, but I can easily do all kinds of incredible things to our new website without help," Pitman says. "Visus built a fully functional website and content management system that lets us add content of our choosing. We can upload imagery, text, videos, news stories, and other elements to keep our web presence fresh and exciting."

Visus helped us become self-sufficient in the management and upkeep of our website. If we do need them for something, they are available and responsive, without a surprise bill.
– Charlie Pitman, Director of Marketing at Isolite Systems

Developed with Telerik's Sitefinity ASP.NET CMS, the Visus solution leverages a best-of-breed content management platform that facilitates collaboration within sales, marketing, and business development. Pitman and other supervisors can authorize users with varying levels of access. Users can update and renew web content using simple drag-and-drop tools.

An Effective Formula for Success

Pitman recalls the urgent situation that motivated his company to contact Visus. Isolite Systems needed a technology provider that could deliver a new website and CMS in time for a crucial marketing opportunity – the annual ADA tradeshow, a mere six weeks away.

To deliver the solution on time, Visus engineers first carefully developed an architectural plan for the project based on company needs and requests. Through a series of structured meetings, business leaders from Isolite Systems expressed their ideas to the Visus team. Visus translated that vision into mockups and specifications that illustrated the hierarchy of web pages, placement of content, and ideas for visual elements and requested features.

"Visus guided us through a strategic planning process that was crucial to the ultimate success of the project," Pitman says. "Obtaining our detailed input enabled them to deliver a fully functional solution very quickly. Their systematic approach to project management was very sound and logical. It was key to their ability to deliver on our vision."

As development progressed, Visus continually shared drafts so that the stakeholders could see that the project was on track and envision how the website would look in its final form. Once the website went live, Pitman and his team were able to test it, show it, and then adjust it based on user feedback.

I highly recommend Visus to other marketing professionals. They will deliver beyond expectations and they are incredibly easy to work with.
– Charlie Pitman, Director of Marketing at Isolite Systems

The response from Isolite Systems' customers has been overwhelmingly positive. They like the intuitive layout, the way information is presented, and the clearly defined interactive elements, all of which make it easy for dentists and other potential clients to browse the site. The new pages render accurately on desktop systems as well as on tablet computers.

"Our analytics reveal that our customers are using our new website the way we want them to," Pitman says. "They move naturally through pages that build interest, communicate the value of our product, and show them how to add it to their practice. Ultimately, we expect this enhanced web presence will positively impact our revenue."

Advanced Solution Improves Sales and Marketing and Reduces Costs

The new system strengthens sales and marketing activities. The sales team can guide prospects to specific product information, demonstrational videos, and educational documents to accelerate the sales process. The marketing department can create custom landing pages that match the look and feel of specific promotional campaigns, guiding prospects to targeted information so that they are further along in the evaluation process by the time they make an inquiry.

"The Visus solution helps us take marketing to a higher level," Pitman says. "By linking our marketing campaigns to specific web pages, we can enhance the impact of our direct mail campaigns and email blasts. The site also provides us with metrics about the effectiveness of our marketing efforts."

The solution also helps Isolite Systems reduce operating costs. A self-service online ordering portal for the disposable element of their product streamlines the ordering process for customers while minimizing overhead by removing human interaction.

Streaming videos and other compelling online content minimizes the need for printed brochures, DVDs, and other expensive educational materials. Isolite Systems staff members don't have to spend nearly as much time gathering and sending promotional materials to customers and prospects because the customers can help themselves to this content via a self-service portal. Dentists can download images and product literature to differentiate their practices and help them compete.

The new website and CMS provides Isolite Systems with a modern solution that fulfills the fast-growing company's demanding requirements and provides a robust web platform that can easily be expanded upon to meet future needs.

"Visus worked closely with us at the outset, throughout the implementation, and during the final stages to deliver the solution we envisioned on time and within our budgetary expectations," Pitman summarizes. "Their solution was right on target and directly in line with what we asked for."

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