Never has the healthcare industry faced such significant challenges, from patient needs and expectations to potential legislative changes to advancing treatment procedures and technologies. And having a well-designed and robust website that uses best of class technologies to deliver personalized patient care and supports patients through their treatment journey is critical.

Sitefinity CMS platform delivers on the needs and expectations both of your patients and your in-house team for providing personal, timely and informative content and functionality. Sitefinity CMS platform offers healthcare providers unique capabilities of a decoupled architecture and robust APIs. This gives the flexibility healthcare providers need for easy content management and the ability to add and integrate different services to your website. And, with its single interface, Sitefinity CMS offers an enterprise solution to easily manage multiple sites. Sitefinity helps marketing departments by IT independent.

How can Sitefinity CMS help address your requirements for a robust and engaging website, and ensure your patients and fellow healthcare providers can find you to take full advantage of what you offer? Listed below are some of the benefits and capabilities you will find with a Visus built Sitefinity CMS customized for your requirements:

Patient Acquisition and Growth

Patient acquisition and growth is important for a clinic to grow and thrive. Through the flexibility of Sitefinity and an excellent user experience this can be achieved. Prospective patients can be presented with easy navigation and ways to find a doctor by specialty or location leading to descriptive and complete doctor profiles. Patients can also browse locations by looking at a map or a list filtered by city or specialty and then view details about a location such as hours of operation, phone number, and street address with a link to Google Maps for directions. Your clinic can stand out from the competition through compelling content that differentiates your clinic, doctors and services and in turn increases the probability of converting a prospect into a patient.

Patient Retention

Your clinic’s website is one of the easy ways to retain patients. By providing your patients with easily accessible and relevant information, they will continue to return to your clinic to receive the support that they need. This can be as simple as finding doctor’s profile easily to learning about specialties in healthcare that your clinic provides to quickly looking up a location’s address or hours of operation. Integrating your website with your EMR will also provide an excellent experience for your patients to look up their records from anywhere and at any time. By presenting your patients with opportunities on healthcare education and new offerings from your clinic via your website, you will keep your patient retained and engaged.

Patient Centered Marketing

If your clinic offers medical specializations such as bariatric surgery, Sitefinity makes it very easy to create microsites within your main website to showcase the specialty. The microsite can be stylized as you wish to make it stand out and offer the information that patients are looking for.

Personalization provides your marketing team with the opportunity to deliver content that is relevant to your visitor. Your website will be personalized with every visit by a patient. Say a patient is interested in finding a cardiologist, with every cardiology touch point on your website, the website assigns points and when a certain amount of points are reached, the website will then serve content related to the threshold that is passed. So, the next time the visitor returns to your website you could have your website serve up pages on cardiology to make the content relevant and increase the conversion rate.

Medical Practices

By building into Sitefinity CMS, patients can locate and make full use of the services your practices provide. Sitefinity CMS enables multi-location and multi-site functionality on a single platform, so you can access all your distributed services in one access point. And you can manage all content and features through this single interface.

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