Sitefinity CMS offers healthcare providers the perfect platform for both website development and management, and combined with Visus’ digital marketing services, enables you to deliver on the promise of patient-centered marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy

All digital marketing strategies are not equal—they need to be designed and managed to the specific audience and interest of your medical practices. Building digital programs and campaigns that speak to your patients and to your organization will impact the patient lifetime value and overall delivery of healthcare services efficiency. And your patients expect regular informative and relevant communications from their healthcare provider. Having a well-designed Digital Marketing Strategy enables that communication while providing you with detailed insights and data about patient interest and engagement.

SEO Optimization

Your website acts as the hub of your online efforts, and a well-designed SEO program ensures patients and potential new customers can find you and the services you offer. SEO requires ongoing and consistent management, aligning keywords patients are using to your website’s title page content, description, alt tags, and other SEO techniques. While many SEO optimizing techniques are applicable across several industries, having a healthcare-specific SEO optimized website will deliver more relevant and interested users, and attract a larger audience of new users.

Patients seeking healthcare support information, or wanting local address, appointment scheduling and other information will first use online search. With a well-executed SEO optimization program, your healthcare service will deliver that valuable information in an easy-to-use and locate search result and ensuring your patients can find you in search. And having an ongoing SEO optimization program will keep your ranking in search results as you add new website content or features.

Social Media Strategy

Few other businesses or organizations are as closely associated with the local community than is the healthcare industry. This natural relationship makes having a strong social media effort critical to your digital marketing programs. Social media is the digital channel of choice for your patients to find information vital health information, whether that is specific to their individual needs or as a resource for further education and information. Having a well develop social media program allows you to provide both real-time updates on the services, updates, new location or hours, and more about your practices. And by establishing and maintaining an ongoing relevant social media program, patient trust and support with your brand will grow.

Visus understands the effort needed to make a social media program powerful and effective. Social media requires constant attention, keeping the social content program moving forward, conducting analysis and reporting of social media’s best and lesser performing elements, and ensuring responses to patient communications are timely and accurate. And each social media channel differs in its requirements, tracking and reporting, creative specifications, and more. Having knowledge and insight into each ensures success across the entire social spectrum.

Email Marketing

Email continues to reign as the most frequently used channel for communicating with and interest and engaged audience. Having a well-designed email marketing program that delivers timely and valuable information to your patient audience offers the most cost-effective and efficient method for delivering critical health-related information. Event-triggered emails, regular ongoing communications, or personalized emails providing patient-specific information such as post-procedure follow up, email will ensure you have an effective communications method that patients will use and value.

Email can provide you with valuable insights into your patient’s interests and needs, with data available that shows what they prefer, when they prefer it, and how often they want to receive your email communications. These data-driven insights aligned with a personalized content delivery plan, will keep patients engaged with your healthcare services, reduced inbound calls for patient support, and increase your patient lifetime value. All driving toward managing patient relations while managing costs and improving your bottom-line.

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