Mobile has taken over: By 2022, two-thirds or 5 billion of the world’s population will own a smartphone. In the United States alone, more than three-quarters or more than 242 million adults currently use smartphones and other mobile devices. The rise of mobile presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses in any industry to engage their target customer base, improve employee productivity and expand their presence into new channels.

Native mobile app development addresses the distinct challenges and requirements related to mobile platforms and enables organizations to build high-performance software that drives user engagement and adoption.

Native Mobile App Development

What are the benefits of native mobile app development?

  • Improve application performance, responsiveness and speed: Every app is designed around a specific platform and OS, Android and iOS, so they are optimized for their intended device.
  • Provide a better user experience: Native mobile apps adhere to UX best practices for each mobile platform to offer inputs, interfaces and navigation controls consistent with other apps.
  • Integrate with other mobile tools and platforms: Native apps are able to incorporate data from other software - such as calendars, GPS and maps - to expand their capabilities and better integrate with the mobile device’s broader ecosystem including mobile platforms such as SendBird, a complete chat platform.
  • Custom tailoring to your specific audience: Businesses can design native mobile apps to the exact requirements or needs of their user base, whether it be a consumer audience, B2B users or their own employees. The solution can be designed and customized to give them all the capabilities they want with no extraneous features.

Visus is expert at native mobile app development with years of experience building innovative, scalable and customized applications for clients in numerous industries. We work with our clients to identify their most pressing business goals and create software solutions that help them realize their greatest aspirations and vision.

Backend Mobile Development

Mobile application development involves much more than addressing user interface requirements. A robust backend architecture is an absolute necessity to host and support a high-quality mobile application. That includes a solid set of secure APIs, servers, efficient database, and various integrations to maximize software performance, facilitate speedy data transfers and support push notifications sent to end users. Such factors have a profound effect on the user experience, impacting application speed, resource use and connectivity.

For the best results and to future-proof your investment, mobile app backend development should revolve around cloud-based systems. Creating your backend architecture in the cloud allows you to expand your mobile application's capabilities as user numbers (as well as their performance and resource demands) increase.

Visus has experience designing mobile applications and mobile backends that help our clients accomplish their most pressing business goals. Call us today to learn how we can make your vision for a mobile app a reality.

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